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Skaftárjökull, South-East Iceland

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Viator is the oldest professional holiday home rental agency in Iceland. We strive to organise holiday accommodation perfect for couples, families or small groups of friends in one of our over 200 cottages and apartments. Most of our houses are in the middle of Iceland’s spectacular nature, but offer a few apartments in Reykjavík for city dwellers.

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The Viator holiday homes are available for rent on our website with a few easy steps. Search by dates or by your dream area in Iceland, either way you will find the perfect holiday home suitable for your specific travel plan. You will experience Iceland in an authentic, inexpensive and relaxed way.


For Agents

Are you a travel agent or a holiday home rental agency? Viator Summerhouses cooperates with tour operators. Please contact us if interested in selling the Iceland experience, we look for long-term partnerships and offer attractive conditions.

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